Meet the new PFi Bind 6000 Duo PUR Binder at Tudor Bookbinding

Tudor has recently purchased a PFi Bind 6000  PUR binder from Duplo International.

Managing Director, Ian Chamberlain, explains the reasons behind the investment.

"We have been running Bourg BB3002 Perfect binders for over 10 years and the quality they produce is excellent. With more print being done digitally, we felt that we needed to offer a PUR bound service to compliment this. 

The PUR binder means that we can confidently bind heavier weight materials and to offer a lay-flat book with confidence. The glue is better suited to the inks, varnishes and finishes that current digital printing uses."

The DPB-500 PUR is a single clamp binder that provides both accuracy and security on a range of publications printed either Litho or Digitally. The DPB-500PUR can be programmed to accommodate a range of specifications including book thickness down to 4mm, side gluing and cover scoring. Other highlights of this machine include:

  • Fully automatic setup = Low cost
  • Secure and accurate book production = Short make-ready

Typical Binding Applications

  • Photographic albums 
  • Journals: Medical, Scientific, Educational 
  • Paperbacks: Fiction, Children's, Adult 
  • Directories 
  • Instruction manuals 
  • Catalogues 
Pfi Bind 6000 Pur