No Christmas Cards - Bah Humbug!

Once again this year, the Directors have decided to make a donation to their chosen charity, rather than sending Christmas Cards.

Tudor have been supporting the Spina bifida & Hydrocephalus Charity "Shine", for many years.  

Amanda Sanderson, one of their co-ordinators, sent the following e-mail in response to the donation


" Your donation will help us to continue to deliver specialist support and care throughout the lives of people with Spina bifida and/or Hydrocephalus,  and to make a positive difference to their lives.

 A very important privilege is having you as a supporter.  That's why my thanks to you are genuine, heartfelt and sincere and come with my warmest appreciation."

on behalf of Shine and the people you have helped

 Shine (Trading) Ltd - Registered in the UK. 1031004

A wholly owned subsidiary of 
Spina bifida • Hydrocephalus • Information • Networking • Equality
Registered Charity No: 249338 I Registered in London
No: 877990