Storm Eleanor Hits Tudor

Tudor affected by Storm Eleanor

Arial Photo

The destructive power of Storm Eleanor struck at Tudor in Wigston Tuesday night.

Ian arrived at work, on Wednesday morning, to find that a power surge had take out the mains electricity to the building, leaving the company without telephones, computers or machinery.

Showing their true "Dunkirk spirit", it was business as usual on the shop floor.  The staff completed three jobs that only needed their skill, no mechanical aid.

The book restoration department was unaffected.

The power was restored at 12.30pm, to a big cheer from everyone and much to the relief of Ian.

"The impact of not being able to use the guillotine was probably the main concern.  You don't realise until it is not available how much you depend on it.", he commented.

Tudor are in the process of upgrading their Perfecta 132 guillotine, which is over 40 years old. A newer Wohelnberg 137 Cut-Tec from Terry Cooper Services in Nottingham is due at the end of the month.